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"Australian Raven, corvus coronoides" by sbittinger is CC BY 2.0.

Kraaw…kraaw… kraaaaawwww…


I am not a crow.

I am a Raven.

It doesn’t matter.

My name is Wardong.

What else do you want?...


I have always been here. Since the dreaming, say the Noongar people.

I was pure white, like my brother Kulbardi (the magpie).

We were both burnt by a fire we lit.

My feathers became all black.

Some of his remained white.


My spirit is an important totem to Noongar people.

They know that I am wise.

And cunning.


I take what I need.

I will eat what I can.

Fruit, seeds, dead meat.

I will eat other birds’ eggs.

I will eat their chicks.

They will try to stop me.

Only some will succeed


My nest is large.

I care not if it is neat.


Know me.

My feathers are black.

My eyes are white.

My throat is hackled.

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