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WA Schools Branch

Insect investigators is an exciting collaborative science project. We seek to inspire and educate Australia’s emerging scientists in school, whilst also achieving scientific outcomes.

We’re working with schools in regional and remote Western Australia to collect specimens of invertebrates: butterflies, spiders and more. We will facilitate classroom sessions with students to educate them in the scientific process, and how it is applied to Australian biodiversity.

This citizen science project is led by the South Australian Museum and involves 16 partner organisations. We’ve also partnered with experts in Australia’s taxonomic community to assess, describe, document and name new species that are discovered by students across the country.


Are you a teacher at a regional school in SA, Qld or WA and keen to keep an eye out for future opportunities?  If so, click on the link below to join the mailing list.

Resources and investigation results are available to all schools and can be found on the Insect Investigator Website.

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