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Kindergarten - Yr 12

$16 per student

$450 minimum charge for up to 30 students

$750 minimum charge for up to 60 students

Modern science meets traditional wisdom.


Boorloo Aboriginal Cultural Experiences comprises a range of indigenous learning activities conducted on the banks of Noogenboro (Herdsman Lake), which was a traditional Nyungar camp ground. Dreaming-time stories and art and dance lessons from Nyungar Aboriginals provide a bridge of common understanding between contemporary and traditional thinking, breaking down cultural barriers as students learn about the modern and ancient ecological footprint.


Participants will be empowered from this learning experience with an understanding that they have much value to contribute to environmental science and participation in WA’s sustainable growth.


Hands on experiences may include*:

'Smoking ceremony'/Welcome to Country

Dreaming stories, Nyungar culture and language

Music and Dance

Nyungar Know How:

Exploring artefacts

Aboriginal art

Tool making

*NOTE: This is the full suite of experiences, your class will participate in a selection (not all) of these activities based on the Aboriginal Education Officers presenting on the day.



Duration: 2.5 hours (9.30am-12.00pm or 12.30pm-3.00pm)
Class size: 1 – 2 classes (30 – 60 maximum).

$450 minimum charge for up to 30 students

$750 minimum charge for up to 60 students

Teachers/Parents FREE 


Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your Boorloo Aboriginal Cultural Experiences program booking, please provide at least 7 days’ notice so we can offer another group the opportunity to visit. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, if you do not provide 7 days’ notice, the minimum booking fee of $150 per class will apply. Schools that do not provide any notice of cancellation and fail to attend on the day, will be charged the full fee, as per the booking form for that day.

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