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Why is nature play important?

In our technology-rich world, nature play for children has become more important than ever. Nature play gets children active and stimulates thinking about the real world, while simultaneously and innately building a connection and appreciation of natural environments.


Being outside and exploring nature has shown to significantly benefit a child’s development, including their physical, social, cognitive and emotional wellbeing. Open-ended play encourages children to use their imagination and creativity. Outdoor play stimulates questions and enquiries leading to wonderful learning opportunities about science, nature and conservation. Research shows that being in natural environments can help significantly improve a child’s ability in relation to problem solving, concentration, resilience, communication, independence and self-confidence. Lastly, there are obvious health benefits to playing outdoors, including increased physical activity, improved respiratory health, maintaining good vision, and advanced gross and fine motor skills.

In summary, nature play provides immeasurable positive outcomes for happier, healthier and brighter kids!


What does our nature playgroup entail?

Our playgroup program is tailored for children aged between 2 and 5 years old. Each playgroup lesson will be created around a unifying theme using nature as our basis, such as ‘Leaf Litter’, for example. A typical playgroup session might include:

  • storytelling time in the form of a book or felt board,


  • a supervised nature walk in which we can explore and observe the environment and wildlife,


  • one or more age-appropriate art/craft activities, and


  • unstructured indoor play in a specially designed playgroup space that contains an assortment of books, puzzles, costumes, puppets and naturescapes.

Sessions will run for approximately 90 minutes to optimise your little one’s focus and energy levels.


What does my child need to bring or wear?

Please dress for mess! Because we will be exploring the wetlands and potentially using paints and other such art materials, we encourage children to wear clothes that can afford to get dirty, however we can also provide aprons to help manage spills and stains. Please also bring your child’s water bottle, a hat and some covered shoes or gumboots.


Prices and other need-to-know information



Casual rates: $20 per session. Please see Events page for tickets.

Term pass available for a 15% discount (to attend one session per week)


As the centre is in a natural environment and presents water safety hazards, please note that a parent or carer MUST be present at all times during the session. Supervision is key to providing your child with a safe and fun learning environment, and is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time!



You are very welcome to pack a morning tea and enjoy a picnic on the grassy lawns before or after playgroup. There is a coffee window on the grounds but please check opening hours, as they may change while the centre is being developed.



Please stay home if you or your child are feeling unwell.

To ensure the health of our staff and participants from the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses, the early learning room will be routinely cleaned and disinfected.

Nature Play Groups: Events List
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