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Please complete the appropriate booking form and send to


Living Things (Yrs K-3)

Wildlife Explorer (Yrs 4-6)

Classification and Food Webs (Yrs 7-8)

Ecosystems and Field Study (Yrs 9-12)

Environmental Science Career Taster Program (Yrs 9-12)

Noogenboro Kudajin Boodja (K-12)

Boorloo Aboriginal Education and Cultural Awareness (K-12)

Orienteering for Schools (Yrs 7-12)

Nature Journaling (Yrs 3-12)

Incursions/Virtual Sessions:

Environmental Education Incursions (Yrs K-12)

Virtual Excursions (Yrs K-12)

Additional files to help you with excursion preparation:

Our Safety Policy (click here to download). 

Certificate of Currency - General Liability Insurance (click here to download)

Emergency Evacuation Plan (click here to download)

COVID-19 Safety Plan (click here to download)

All staff have WWC clearance and COVID-19 vaccination certificates (available on request)

Environmental education excursion booklets to bring on the day (click here to download)


Once we receive your booking form, we will confirm your booking or liaise with you to arrange another suitable option. Thank you for choosing us to support the education of your learners.

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