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You can support the WA Gould League and the Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre by donating your elible containers (look for the 10c mark) to Containers for Change! Enter our member number (Scheme ID) when you deliver your containers to any container dropoff point around Perth

All proceeds contribute to ongoing environmental education in the local region.


Containers for Change sort, process and distribute containers to approved recyclers. The approved recyclers then turn old containers into new glass and PET bottles, aluminium cans and other items like food packaging and plastic-based construction items. 83% of all 10c containers returned (by weight) stays in Australia and is made into products we consume every day!

Thank you to everyone who contributes to this cause!

Learn more about Containers for Change here:

The Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre is operated by The WA Gould League, a not-for-profit organisation committed to nurturing a passion for nature through education, innovation and communication.  We offer wildlife education programs for schools, community groups, professional and business groups.  The Centre features wildlife enclosures, interactive displays, a gift shop and a coffee window.

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