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Tigersnake (1).png

Pleasssssssssse keep it down.

You really do sssssstomp around quite loudly in my home.


I might be a tiger sssnake, but I don’t alwaysss have ssstripes, and I c-c-c-c-certainly don’t roar.

You can call me Noorne, if you like, and there are more of us here at Noogenboro than anywhere elssse in the world.

That’sss right, we are quite numerousss around here, but there’sss no need to look s-s-s-sooo ssscared!


I’m really not an agresssive sssnake, at leassst, not to you humansss.

Why would I want to bite you?

You’re far too big to eat, ssso why would I waste my preciousss venom? It’sss quite difficult to make, you know.

Asss for frogsss, lizardsss, and little baby birdsss though, MMMMmmmmmmmm! They make a deliciousss sssnack. Sssometimes you might ssse me getting chassed away by the adult birdsss around here. He he he he he what can I sssay?


I don’t mind getting out to hunt on a sssunny winter day, but you’ll probably sssee me more often in the warmer monthsss, I do enjoy the sssunshine after all.

I also have my babiessss in the late warmer monthsss, through Bunuru and Djeran. I can have up to sssixty offssspring in one brood, all born live and ready to ssset off on their own. I don’t go in for having eggsss or any of that parenting nonsssense.


I try not to get too clossse to humans if I can help it. You’re all sssuch clumsssy oafsss. I can hear your vibrationsss from a mile off. I ressst my jaw on the ground, and I can hear everything going on around me. I usssually try to get out of the way before you arrive, but if you do come across me in the busssh, pleassse leave me alone.

I’m ssserious.

I can be quite dangerous, and I don’t take kindly to harasssment from ssstrangers.

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