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The name’s Kwooyar, don’t you forget it.

I’m a motorbike frog and I’m the biggest, baddest frog you’re gonna find around Herdsman Lake.

You’ll hear me and my crew rolling into town from late Djilba (early spring) all the way through to Birak (summer). You hear that revving out across the lake? That ain’t no motorcycle gang, that’s the Herdsman Angels Motorbike Frogs! Our motto is, “Ride until we Croak”.

You might find us hanging out in the reeds or on some vegetation floating out on the lake. Whatever the coolest spot is, ya know?

Around Birak you might see a few of our tadpoles swimming around, even they’re big and tough! Motorbike Frog tadpoles easily get up to 8cm long. Watch out, or they might bite your toes off!

The Herdsman Angels don’t have to all wear the same colour; we know each other by our call. Some of us wear green, some are spotted with gold, and when it’s cold a lot of us will wear a dark brown. So don’t be sure you’ve seen Kwooyar just by looking, make sure you listen out for that motorbike sound!

Maybe next time I’ll catch you in your garden at home, I love a good backyard pond.


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