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Willy Wagtail.jpg

"Willie Wagtail- Dressed to Impress" by birdsaspoetry  CC BY 2.0.

Hop… wag, wag, wag… hop, hop… wag, wag.

Hey you.

…hop, hop...

Hey… hey! Over here!

… hop… wag, wag, wag…

No, over here.

…hop, hop, hop…

C’mon, keep up!

…wag, wag… hop, hop…

My name’s Djiti Djiti.

… hop… wag… hop, hop… wag…

But you can also call we Willly.

…wag, wag… hop…

Willy Wagtail.

… wag… hop, hop, hop…

It’s really nice to meet yo…


Oh, what’s that? Sorry! He, he. I’ll stay still.

I do like to hop around… and wag my tail! But… I’m not really sure why I do it… maybe it’s just for fun!

There are lots of stories about me, I’m not sure which ones are true. Maybe they all are.

Some people say that I’m the spirit of a naughty boy who would try to trick and steal from the other people in my camp. That is, until I was turned into a bird as punishment, but I still hop around, trying to convince children to follow me into the bush for more games and mischief.

Some people think I’m a gossip, that I listen to people’s secrets and “chitty, chitty” chatter them around to other. I might tell you truth, lies, or a message from beyond?

Other people say I was a great hunter in the Dreaming, but my catch was stolen by the crow and the dingo. I was so angry at them that I’ve never forgotten, and even today I’m I’ll attack them if they come too close.

That part’s true at least! I’ll take on anyone, doesn’t matter how big they are, you just come and try it! Crows, dingos, wedgetail eagles, even humans, I’ll take on any of you!

Of course, I’m usually just protecting my nest or chicks, I don’t want to fight anyone. If you leave me in peace I’ll spend a lot of my time pecking around for insects, or even catching them from mid-air!

…wag, wag, wag, wag… hop, hop, hop…

I’ll see you around. Bye-bye!

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