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Paige Maroni


Paige Maroni spent her childhood exploring the beaches, quarries, forests and wetlands of Western Australia’s south-west coast. Paige’s intrigue and true love for biodiversity came from climbing through rabbit warrens on her family’s farm, collecting ejected shark teeth along the sandy banks of Cheynes Beach and witnessing the annual migrations of Southern Right and Humpback Whales resting along their journey in Albany’s King George Sound.

Paige completed an undergraduate degree at Murdoch University in conservation and wildlife biology before undertaking a Honours degree in entomology and evolutionary biology. Paige is now conducting a PhD in Southern Ocean invertebrate ecology and evolution through the University of Western Australia and the Western Australian Museum.

Paige began volunteering with the Western Australian Museum in 2014 within the Terrestrial Invertebrate and Vertebrate collections and is now a Research Associate within the Aquatic Zoology Department. She has a deep passion for conservation and environmental education and aims to promote sustainable lifestyle choices and biological preservation for the benefit of the generations to come.

Paige Maroni
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