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Kathryn Levey


Kathryn is an engineer specialising in strategic development, business optimisation and governance, with a passion for community development and a commitment to fostering a love for STEM.


Having spent her childhood in the picturesque Perth hills and rural Western Australia, Kathryn's deep appreciation for the natural environment was nurtured early on. Her formative years as a member of the Gould League in primary school, avidly following the adventures of Harry Butler on weekend TV, and immersing herself in the pages of National Geographic magazines laid the foundation for a love of the natural environment.


Outside of professional pursuits, Kathryn is an enthusiastic distance runner, with the beautiful sanctuary of Herdsman Lake serving as a weekend playground for long runs and quality time with family. An explorer at heart with innate curiosity about the world around her, Kathryn is committed to making a difference, giving back to the local community and generating positive impact using business acumen and skills honed in the corporate environment to create opportunities for the community.

Kathryn Levey
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