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Karen Cullen


Dr Karen Cullen is an environmental scientist having completed a doctorate (with distinction) at The University of Western Australia.  The focus of her research has been to document biological diversity, describe new species and highlight biodiversity hotspots that require priority assessment for conservation.

Karen has developed wide expertise in her fields of study with experience gained working with Chevron Oil and Gas on Barrow Island, with the Department of Terrestrial Zoology at the Western Australian Museum, several high profile environmental consulting companies, as well as, the World Wide Fund for Nature and CSIRO.  She has also been involved in numerous volunteer opportunities including turtle tagging and field surveys, where she has supervised and instructed Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) volunteers in the zoological aspects of field surveys.

Karen is an accomplished scientific illustrator, preparing highly detailed studies of animal specimens for scientific journals describing species new to science.  She was an avid member of the WA Gould league as a child and is passionate about children having the same opportunities to get outside so that they can discover the wonders of nature.

Karen Cullen
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