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Listen up soldier! My squadron is leaving in exactly 5 minutes, so I need to tell you the facts and you need to shut up and pay attention!



That’s right, I said squadron! A group of pelicans is called a squadron because we fly in formation. Now, quit asking questions while I’m talking! We’re down to 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

I am a pelican, and my name is Boodalang… but that’s Squadron Leader Boodalang to you!

You’ll find me coming in to land at Herdsman Lake, but a can travel a long distance if I need to. By strategically positioning myself on rising thermal air currents, I can rise up to an altitude of 3000 metres! From that vantage point I proceed to glide easily to my designated drop-zone. Now that’s what I call air travel efficiency!

My squadron and I work in concerted efforts to collect our food. We use beaks and wings to tactically drive fish into one location, then use beak scooping manoeuvres to remove them from the water. The fish assets are then swallowed whole, and the refuelling operation is complete.  

Now if I hear one word about my beak holding more than my belly can, you’ll be doing push-ups for the rest of the day!

When it’s time for a tactical regroup and debrief, my squadron will join up on remote islands and shorelines. At times there may be up to 40,000 personnel present in our colonies.

That’s your time up solider, we’re movin’ out. Everybody, PREPARE FOR LIFT-OFF!

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