More than just Bin Chickens

Spotted on the Olive Seymour Boardwalk were these lovely Australian White Ibis Threskiornis moluccus. For a while Australia confused them up with a similar bird of the Middle East and Africa, the Sacred Ibis Threskiornis aethiopicus, calling them by the wrong name.

The Aussie bird, that is so common now, has attracted the unenviable title of ‘Dump Duck’ or 'Bin Chicken', due to its liking for our bins and rubbish tips. Interestingly, the literature says that they were virtually unknown in the south west of Australia before 1950, so they have become one of the ‘winners’ of the bird world, increasing their distribution and range of food sources.

The Australian White Ibis was named the #2 Most Popular Australian bird in 2017, owing mostly to their rise of social media and meme fame, even with songs written about them.

With climate change, this adaptability will become very important for species that wish to survive into the future. Keep an eye out for them breeding, they like to form colonies in large spreading trees near water, especially with other birds such as Cormorants. You can see colonial nesting of Ibis on the northern end of Herdsman Lake.

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