Falcon visits the Wildlife Centre

Herdsman has more raptors than just the Swamp Harrier! Landing on the roof of the Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre on our Sunday opening was an Australian Hobby (they are a type of Falcon, also called the Little Falcon).

It is a smallish bird about the size of a school ruler (no, not the Principal), roughly 30cm. Nyungars call them ‘Wowoo’, probably because their call sounds a bit like that word (well to me anyway). They take prey around the lake, especially taking things smaller than themselves, birds like Swallows and also insects (I saw one dive from above and take a dragonfly over the lake, it showed impressive speed). Very soon they should begin breeding, so I guess duckling will be on their diet as they raise a brood of about three eggs.

Keep an eye out when you are next around the lake!

Photo courtesy of Pam Ghirardi

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