Feral fish in our waterways

Theo and Miles Shiner from Shenton Park caught this feral carp in the Selby Street drain over the weekend and kindly allowed us to use these images for our blog!

Introduced fish species such as the common carp (Cyprinus carpio), goldfish (Carassius auratus), perch and ornamental cichlids can have devastating impacts on wetland habitats, and once established can be very difficult to eradicate. Introduced fish species can impact wetlands because they:

  • are generally more aggressive and breed more frequently than native fish species;

  • out-compete native fish species for food and habitat; and

  • stir up lake sediments and uproot aquatic vegetation, increasing nutrient concentrations and causing potential toxic algal blooms.

You can play an important role in preventing the release of aquatic pests and reporting any you might see or catch. The Western Australian Department of Fisheries have a “Don’t Dump That Fish” campaign and some interesting resources available.

Key tips:

  • Never release aquarium fish or plants into our waterways – there are other options for your unwanted fish

  • If you have a pond, why not stock it with native fish for mosquito control?

  • If you spot or catch a suspected feral fish species, do not return it to the waterway, dispose of it humanely, and report it to the Department of Fisheries Biosecurity team via the WA Pest Watch Portal.

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