Summer: sun & snakes

As the weather warms up, it’s time for reptiles to start moving about, including snakes. Herdsman Lake is home to a large population of the Tiger Snake Notechis scutatus, which are active all year round. You may see these big, colourful snakes basking on lawn areas near the water or on top of bulrushes. Tiger Snakes eat mostly frogs and will even dig up burrowing frogs. They also eat small birds and mice. They are very venomous, especially young snakes.

When visiting Herdsman, remember these things:

  • If you see a snake, leave it alone! Do not try to move or touch the snake.

  • Stand still or slowly move away from the snake by walking in another direction or moving out of its way. Sudden movements can scare the snake.

  • Don’t walk through tall grass and rushes.

  • Wear closed footwear and watch your step when you on lawn areas.

  • Keep dogs on a leash and stay on the footpath.

Tiger Snakes usually avoid people, but will bite if provoked.

Did you know?

Tiger Snakes are excellent swimmers! Keep your eyes out for them in them in the bush and in the water.

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