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Looking for great excursion opportunities that are engaging, easy to plan and integrate with classroom lessons, and linked to the current Australian Curriculum?

Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre presents a unique opportunity for Foundation (Pre-Primary) to Year 12 students to explore a real Western Australian wetland while discovering scientific, historical, geographical and cultural concepts, skills and values at the same time.

All of our programs are fully facilitated by education officers and our experienced volunteers. Choose from a range of programs that are sure to give your students a learning experience they will remember for a long time to come!

All programs are fully supervised by our wildlife educators and fully compliant with Department of Education Excursion Policy. In all programs students will be taken through a complete learning process. This includes gathering information, comparing and contrasting, analysing, synthesising, and finally asking the 'what if' questions of hypothesis. All programs are interactive and activity-based and have been developed by qualified and experienced teachers.

The learning experiences we offer are detailed below, along with our suggested excursion preparation.

Design Your Own Excursion (K to 12)

Can’t find exactly what you want here?  Just contact the WA Gould League’s Centre Manager and together we can plan an excursion that helps achieve your learning objectives.

Your Excursion Details

Duration: 3 hours, Half day (morning or afternoon)

Class size: 1 – 2 classes (30 – 60 students). Minimum of 10 students.

Excursion Costs

Environmental Excursions: $13.00/student Inc GST (half day program)

Indigenous Excursions: $16.00/student Inc GST (half day program)

Teachers/Parents Free 

Cancellation Policy 

​If you decide to cancel your personalised environmental program booking, please provide at least 7 days’ notice so we can offer another group the opportunity to visit. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, if you do not provide 7 days’ notice, the minimum-booking fee of $150 per class will apply. Schools that do not provide any notice of cancellation and fail to attend on the day will be charged the full fee, as reflected by their booking for that day

Excursion Planning


Our experienced and qualified teachers can tailor any program to suit any age group. Please contact us with your enquiries.  Here are our tips for teachers planning excursions to Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre.

1. Decide on the purpose of your visit

We've made it easy to plan (and to demonstrate!) an excursion that's linked to the current Australian Curriculum. Whether you're a primary or high school teacher, Science or History teacher, there is something relevant and exciting for your class to experience at Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre.

2. Prepare your students

Studies conducted at similar venues show that students who are well prepared for a visit are more likely to gain from the experience. Whatever the purpose of your visit, students will benefit from being informed about our facilities and what is expected of them during the visit. With each of our programs we have provided pre-visit and post-visit activities to assist. 

3. Check our calendar of events

Why not time your excursion to coincide with our special events for an extra memorable visit to Herdsman Lake? Check out our calendar of events.

4. Run through our checklist to prepare for your excursion
  • Decide on the purpose of your visit.  

  • Check out our classes and upcoming events.

  • Make a booking for your class.

  • For any special requests, to discuss excursion policies and procedures, or to tailor your excursion to your needs, please contact us.

  • If required, complete Appendix A of the DET's Excursions: 'Off School Site Activities' policy. For information you require to complete Appendix A: CHECKLIST FOR EXCURSION MANAGEMENT PLAN with reference to Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre check: WA Gould League's Excursion Safety Policy

  • Arrange transport: Where is the Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre?

  • Collect permission forms and excursion money.

  • Arrange for adults (parents/guardians) to chaperone. Adults assisting education programs enter for free.

  • Brief students and adults about the trip (purpose of the visit, time allowed, tasks to do during the visit, standard of behaviour expected).

  • Check out our interactive mobile apps that can be used in and out of the classroom!

  • Download teaching guides from our website or contact us for an information kit, complete with appropriate pre-visit/excursion/post-visit worksheets and activities.

  • We request that prior to excursions, all teachers download, print and fax or email a signed copy of the Excursion Safety Policy to us (the Centre's public liability Certificate of Currency may be viewed here).

  • Look forward to having a great time!

Professional Learning


Teachers and other education professionals looking for professional learning opportunities can look forward to practical and engaging sessions and workshops at Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre. Topics focus on Aboriginal culture/knowledge, environmental education and sustainability.

Current professional learning opportunities include:

Sustainable Schools WA Network Meetings (Free) 

Once a term, like-minded teachers and other interested adults, come to the Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre, where the WA Gould League co-ordinates the Wembley Network group of Sustainable Schools WA. Topics vary based on the suggestions and needs of the participants.


Meetings are held on the 5th Tuesday of each school term, commencing at 4pm. The 2020 meeting dates are:

  • 3rd March

  • 26th May

  • 18th August

  • 10th November


Please contact the Centre Manager for the current agenda. Click here more information on SS-WA.

Nyungar Know-How (a fee is charged for this professional learning)

Gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal (Nyungar) culture and traditional knowledge. This one-day PD program is conducted by Nyungar presenters and can be designed to meet your professional learning needs. Participation may assist with aspects of the Department of Education’s 2017 priority, Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework.


Please contact the Centre Manager for more information and expressions of interest.

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