Ric How has had fifty years research experience as a biodiversity specialist with a focus on vertebrate ecology and biogeography and has worked extensively across Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and, briefly, southern China.

After gaining his PhD from the University of New England, he spent four years lecturing at La Trobe University in Melbourne, as a Research Fellow, before being appointed as a biogeographer and ecologist at the Western Australian Museum. His experience encompasses the design, conduct and analysis of biological and ecological survey programs in arid, temperate and tropical terrestrial ecosystems and he has also published extensively on mammalian and reptilian species populations and assemblages.

Over the last 30 years he has conducted detailed faunal surveys in remnant bushlands across the Swan Coastal Plain and Darling Plateau, documenting the rich diversity of the vertebrate fauna and its decline since European settlement as a result of habitat fragmentation, fire, competition with exotic species and changing climate.

He is also an occasional lecturer at Murdoch University and now holds the position of Adjunct Professor at The University of Western Australia.