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Water Quality Testing

WaterQuality smallWater Quality Testing is an ideal practical activity where students gather their own records of water quality measurements at Herdsman Lake. Students take pH, temperature, turbidity and salinity (using Electrical Conductivity) measurements of the lake.

Sample data is collated and interpreted to give a snap-shot of the water quality at Herdsman Lake. As an extension activity, students can take these measurements over a period of time to determine and analyse seasonal fluctuations in wetland water quality.

It is recommended that this activity is combined with the Freshwater Ecology learning experience where macro-invertebrate samples taken from the Lake are collated, analysed and interpreted as a biological indicator of water quality.

The Wetland Ecology Walk is also recommended to create an outstanding half- day excursion that assists students in comprehending the complexities and fragile nature of the Wetland Ecosystems excursion experience that assists students in  comprehending the complexities and fragile nature of the wetland ecosystem.

At the end of Water Quality Testing, students will have:

• Become competent in water sampling methods
• Interpreted and discussed water quality measurement data and how humans effect these measurements.
• Identified and classified freshwater macro-invertebrates in Herdsman Lake 
• Identified the effect of humans on the wetland water quality and subsequent impact on living organisms
• Discussed how their own actions can improve wetland water quality
• Described and discussed wetland management practices
• Gained an appreciation of the fragile nature of our wetlands and be passionate about native flora and fauna conservation

Excursion details

Duration: 45 min – 1 hour; with Wetland Ecology Experience and/or Water Quality Field Testing, Half day (morning or afternoon)
Class size: 1 – 2 classes (30 – 60 students). Minimum 10 students.
Cost: $13.00/student inc GST (for half day program)
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