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LateAdolescent smallTeens need to know (and experience!) that what they are studying is relevant and important in the "real world". Theory and practice go hand-in-hand in bringing classroom material to life. Help your students make sense of their school curriculum while learning about how they can use their skills and knowledge to make a difference in their world, now and in the future.

The late adolescence programs at Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre seek to nurture today and tomorrow's world-changers by inspiring young people to understand their roles and responsibilities in caring for nature.

Choose from these exciting programs:

  • Freshwater Ecology - Aquatic invertebrate scoop-net activity
  • Wetland Ecology Experience - Interactive guided bushwalk
  • Water Quality Field TestingĀ - A health-check for Herdsman Lake
  • Climate Change and Wetlands - Learn about Climate Change and the impact on Wetlands
  • Ancient Science - Modern science meets traditional wisdom

All programs duration 1-3 hours. Minimum charge $120 inc GST (which is equivalent to the charge for 10 students)