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MudNMinibeasts small“What is that??”

MudNMinibeasts is one of our most popular hands-on, outdoor learning experience where students personally discover the tiny aquatic life who call Herdsman Lake home.

Students sample the living macro-invertebrates in our freshwater lake with scoop-nets. They then identify, sort and classify the living organisms.

*It is recommended that this activity be combined with the Swamp Safari to create an outstanding half- day excursion.

At the end of MudNMinibeasts, students will have:

• Conducted independent and group investigation of aquatic life in Herdsman Lake
• Identified freshwater macro-invertebrates and discussed their life-cycles, their importance in the wetland food web and described the adaptations that help them survive in their habitat


Excursion details

Duration: 45 min – 1 hour; with Swamp Safari, Half day (morning or afternoon)
Class size: 1 – 2 classes (30 – 60 students)
Cost: $12.00/student inc GST (for half day program)
Teachers/Parents FREE
FREE Teacher Resource Pack upon booking