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Dad scoopnet smallYoung children are natural scientists. They explore the world with all their senses, ask LOTS of questions, test hypotheses, and share their findings with others ("Look at this!").

Young children also love stories. Herdsman Lake, with its rich natural and cultural heritage, is a unique outdoor classroom in which stories can be told, shared and created.

The early childhood programs at Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre are specially tailored to encourage and develop those natural scientific and story-learning skills, and to nurture a passion and appreciation of the value of nature.

Choose from four exciting programs:

  • MudNMinibeasts - Aquatic invertebrate scoop-net activity
  • Swamp Safari - Interactive guided bushwalk
  • Whose Poo? (Swamp Safari extension) - Become poo experts and identify different animal droppings!
  • Climate Change and Wetlands - Learn about Climate Change and the impact on Wetlands
  • Ancient Science - Modern science meets traditional wisdom

Our message to the little ones:

"Wildlife warriors don't need to wait till they grow up to make a difference!"