Beachway Kidz Safari2010 07 157279A ‘crime’ has been committed and it is a dirty job, but it's time to call in the experts. Students are expert Poo Detectives, whose jobs are to find the animals responsible.

Armed with digital cameras, students go on a Swamp Safari to make observations of the habitat, flora and fauna. Careful observations are made of any ‘criminal’ activity and the ‘crime’ scene is photographed. Samples are examined closely and the judgement is passed. The ‘criminal’ is identified and students are awarded with a ‘Poo Expert’ Badge.

*It is recommended that this activity be combined with MudNMinibeasts, one of our most popular hands-on, outdoor learning experience. The combination of Whose Poo? and MudNMinibeasts creates an exciting half-day excursion that guarantees that students will continue to have good conversations about their wildlife adventure long after the event.

At the end of Whose Poo?, students will:

• Be excited to be wildlife warriors, protecting their native wildlife and habitat
• Be a proud, certified ‘Poo Expert’
• Have used all their senses to explore and make observations about plants, animals, the land and water
• Have learnt ecological terms and concepts
• Have gained an appreciation of the intrinsic and utilitarian value of nature, including the historical and cultural significance of Herdsman Lake to the Nyungar people.

Excursion details

Duration: 45 min – 1 hour; with MudNMinibeasts, Half day (morning or afternoon)
Class size: 1 – 2 classes (30 – 60 students)
Cost: $12.00/student inc GST (for half day program)
Teachers/Parents FREE
FREE Teacher Resource Pack upon booking
BYO digital cameras