InvertDiscovery smallSample, identify and classify the macro-invertebrates living in Herdsman Lake. Find out how these invertebrates can be used as indicators of water quality and health of a freshwater ecosystem.

As a longer-term extension activity, students can take these measurements over a period of time to determine and analyse seasonal fluctuations in macro-invertebrate biomass and discuss implications on the dynamic nature of feeding relationships and life-cycles of the native wetland fauna.

It is recommended that this activity be combined with the Wetland Ecology Walk to create a holistic half-day exploration of ecological relationships. This program can also be combined with further water sampling in the Water Quality Field Testing learning experience.

At the end of Freshwater Ecology, students will have:

• Learnt a macro-invertebrate sampling method
• Identified and classified freshwater macro-invertebrates in Herdsman Lake 
• Identified the effect of humans on the wetland water quality and subsequent impact on living organisms
• Discussed how their own actions can improve wetland water quality
• Described and discussed wetland management practices
• Gained an appreciation of the fragile nature of our wetlands and be passionate about native flora and fauna conservation

Excursion details

Duration: 45 min – 1 hour; with Wetland Ecology Walk and/or Water Quality Field Testing, Half day (morning or afternoon)
Class size: 1 – 2 classes (30 – 60 students)
Cost: $12.00/student inc GST (for half day program)
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