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Citizen science 

Birdobservatory smallEver wanted to be a wildlife researcher?

Citizen science is your opportunity to develop your scientific skills and contribute to real research in the field - and you don't need to hold a science degree to do this! All you need are a pair of keen, observant eyes and a means for recording your observations (e.g. notebook and pen, mobile phone).

Partner with scientists to collect data that will be important in large-scale and often long-term understanding of how our natural world is changing and being impacted by human activities such as urbanisation and climate change.

Examples of what you may be doing in a citizen science project are:

  • Reporting sightings of birds and other animals in a particular area
  • Measuring temperature, rainfall and other weather-related factors
  • Monitoring seasonal changes (e.g. flowering and fruiting times)

We'll post current calls for participation in Citizen science projects here. Click on the links below, feel free to choose what interests you and get ready to be part of an exciting project!

Citizen science projects available now:

Rock Parrot recovery project - Rottnest Island