canetoadEating almost anything - insects, frogs, small reptiles, mammals and birds - and possessing poisonous glands, cane toads are a major threat to Australian native species. Cane toads were first brought to Queensland as an attempt to biologically control cane beetle populations in sugar cane plantations. However, the cane toads did not effectlively control the cane beetles and instead fed on the native fauna. Animals that try to eat cane toads often die from their toxins. 

Besides their effect on feeding relationships, cane toads can reach extremely high densities in suitable habitat (over 2000 per hectare), and by sheer weight of numbers have a massive impact on their surrounding environment. Cane toads compete with native animals for food and shelter. The population of frogs, reptiles, mammals and birds has sharply declined in areas invaded by cane toads.

Over the last few decades, canes toads have thrived and multiplied across Australia and have recently crossed over the Western Australian (WA) border into the Kimberley region. Efforts are being made to stop the toad from spreading further south in WA.

You can be a part of these efforts to save our local wildlife!

Learn more about cane toads and how they affect the environment, and join in on the fight to conserve Australian native species.

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 Action is needed now!  

Cane toads have crossed the WA border and action is needed to prevent further spread of the invasive species.

Find out how you can help stop the toad at the 'cane toad frontline' in the Kimberley. Download DEC's cane toad update.


UWA Cane Toad Application

Cane Toad app

Cane toads are poisonous and native frog-eating predators may die if they eat one. When people see cane toads they may try to catch or kill them. Unfortunately many native frogs get mistaken for cane toads and are also killed. Use this app to help answer the question; is it a cane toad or a native frog? This app, is now available FREE from the Apple app store.
UWA Cane Toad Application

Food Web app

This game app lets you play with feeding relationships between plants and animals unique to Western Australia - including Herdsman Lake itself! Learn about the native flora and fauna and how they interact in a wetland ecosystem. The cane toad is featured as well to demonstrate its effect on feeding relationships. This app is now available FREE from the Apple app store.


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