WAGould logo smallThe Gould League is Australia's leading environmental education organisation. It has been educating children, schools and the general community about conservation and the environment for over 90 years. Over one million Australians have joined the Gould League since 1909.

Originally set up to prevent bird egg collecting and to protect Australian birds, the Gould League has changed the behaviour of generations of Australians towards their environment through a series of extremely successful educational campaigns.

The Gould League has pioneered the development of outcomes-based environmental education through activity programs, resources and website development. The creative team at the Gould League continues to have an impact on the actions of the community in waste minimisation, wildlife and environmental conservation, and in developing sustainable lifestyles.

The first Gould League president was Alfred Deakin. Since his appointment, the Gould League has made a sustained and profound contribution to our understanding and appreciation of the Australian environment.