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The Western Australian Department of Education (DoE) is the main sponsor for Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre. Working in partnership with the WA Gould League, the DoE has made it possible for Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre's award-winning Science and Aboriginal education learning experiences to reach the WA school community. With continued support from the DoE, the WA Gould League will continue to provide a valuable contribution the depth of the learning experiences offered by the DoE, to ensure that all students develop the knowledge, skills and values to achieve their individual potential and contribute to society.

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The University of Western Australia - Science Communication

The Science Communication program at UWA prepares students to effectively engage the community, businesses and industry with science and technology. The partnership between this program and the WA Gould League facilitates an exchange between Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre's educational aspirations and the work of Science Communication staff and students through means such as student work placements and projects like the food web wall poster created for Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre.

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The SPICE program is a secondary science teachers’ enrichment program and is a partnership between the WA Department of Education and The University of Western Australia. The SPICE program develops teaching and learning resources, conducts professional learning, and facilitates enrichment and interaction with UWA scientists. Through their partnership with Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre, SPICE has produced exciting new learning resources such as the Cane Toad app and Food Web app - educational mobile apps that are available for free to the public.

JanDook med"Through SPICE I have developed a number of collaborations and friendships with people actively working in science education. Partnering with WAGL on the iPad food web app has been great: different skillsets working together. Herdsman Lake is also a lovely place to visit - so peaceful - except that I confess to be very wary of tiger snakes!"

- A. Professor Jan Dook, Coordinator of SPICE

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