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Mike & Mandy Bamford

Ecologists and Environmental Communicators

Mike and Mandy Bamford have been lucky enough to transform their childhood fascination with wildlife into a shared career in Ecology and Environmental Communication. Mike and Mandy’s biological consultancy ‘Bamford Consulting Ecologists’ specializes in ecological research and environmental communication, working throughout Western Australia and beyond.

After graduating as a zoologist, Mandy worked as the project officer for Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre in the year that it was built. The lake has been part of her life ever since. Mandy is the current Chairperson of the Herdsman Lake Regional Park Community Advisory Committee. On most Frog Fest evenings, you’ll find Mark and Mandy nattering about frogs in the Wildlife Centre or leading intrepid frog-spotters out on the boardwalk.

"Herdsman Lake is a precious resource. Like all urban wilderness, it keeps the city cooler, cleaner and more biodiverse. Research shows that people are healthier in bio-diverse cities. As children, we were lucky enough to have people who inspired us and passed on their knowledge. Now we enjoy the opportunity to share our enthusiasm for nature with visitors to Herdsman Lake… and anyone else who’s interested! See you at the Centre!"