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LakeScene2 smallHerdsman Lake is the largest wetland in the inner metropolitan area, supporting a diversity of wildlife that is a rare occurrence in an urban setting. 

The lake is a haven for birdwatchers, only six kilometres from the city. This beautiful wetland provides a wildlife sanctuary where many species of waterbird breed and where people can enjoy nature right outside their own backyards.

Herdsman Lake is also a valuable cultural heritage site. The Aboriginal people call it Ngurgenboro and used it as a food source in the past. European settlers also used the Lake for gardening, mining and soldier resettlement. It was almost developed into an airport too!

Herdsman Lake is surrounded by various recreation facilities such as playgrounds, a wildlife viewing centre, grassed parklands, and kilometres of walking and cycling tracks.

Management of the Park

Herdsman Lake Regional Park is managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife (previously known as CALM and later, DEC).

The long-term vision for the Park is:

“Herdsman Lake Regional Park will be a quality wetland supporting biodiversity and a range of habitats. As a wildlife refuge it will be a successful example of human - wildlife interaction within an urban setting. The Park will accommodate environmental education, cultural interpretation and sustainable recreation use.” (Herdsman Lake Regional Park Management Plan 2004-2013)

In 1997, the state government proposed that a management plan for Herdsman Lake be prepared by DEC (Department of Environment and Conservation) in conjunction with the City of Stirling.

The WA Gould League is proactive in developing partnerships with Murdoch University, WWF and other organisations in order to facilitate the fulfilment of the Herdsman Lake Regional Park Management Plan (2004-2013).

View the Management Plan here.

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